Hotels on the Valencian coast record average 84% occupancy during Semana Santa

nland hotels have registered an occupancy rate of 80.16%, which represents nearly 4 percentage points more than in the initial forecast.

Tuesday 11th April 2023
Mike Smith
Source: GVA Turisme

The regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer, indicated that hotels along the coast of the Valencian region recorded an actual occupancy of 84.43% during Semana Santa, the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday.

This was confirmed by data collected by TURISME COMUNITAT VALENCIANA today to determine the actual occupancy in hotels along the coast between April 6th and April 9th and the results of that survey confirmed that it was 4.7% higher than the tourism department’s original forecast, almost certainly due to last-minute reservations. The figure of just under 84.5% was also some 2.5 points greater than Semana Santa in 2022.

In addition, Turisme CV surveyed selected hotels in the interior of the region which determined an actual occupancy rate of 80.2%, almost 4 points more than the initial forecast produced on April 4th.

The provincial breakdown is as follows:

Province of Valencia

  • Occupancy (Coast · excluding Valencia): 84.8%, up almost 5 points on the initial forecast.
  • Occupancy (Valencia): 85%, up 2%.
  • Occupancy (Interior): 93%.

Province of Castellón

  • Occupancy (Coast): 85.8%, up almost 2 points on the initial forecast.
  • Occupancy (Interior): 87.3%, up a single point.

Province of Alicante

  • Occupancy (Coast · excluding Benidorm): 83.7%, up 3.6 points on the initial forecast.
  • Occupancy (Benidorm): 84%, up some 8 points.
  • Occupancy (Interior): 52.6%, up more than 10 points.

The rural houses and similar accommodation in the interior of the Comunidad Valenciana belonging to the Club de Producto Temps reached an average final occupancy rate of close to 86%, very similar to that initially forecast at 85%.

In addition, the campsites along the coast of the three provinces reported that they were FULL in the cabins and bungalows, while there was an average of 90% occupancy in the case of plots.

The recovery of the international market after the pandemic years was also highlighted by the regional secretary, who reported that an increase in that market during the first quarter of this year exceeded the figures recorded in the same period in 2019, proving that the deseasonalization, internationalization and diversification of the tourism offer in the Valencian region continues to be successful.