C’s Xàbia call for boat damage to be fixed on Avenida del Puerto

Residents are “outraged by the neglect and poor condition of not only a piece of urban furniture in Xàbia, but one of the icons of the socioeconomic tradition of the xabieros, which is fishing ”.

Thursday 29th April 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The spokesperson for C’s in Xàbia, Enrique Escrivá, has demanded that the municipal government implement a plan to restore and ensure the conservation of the ship located next to the roundabout on Avenida del Puerto de Xàbia, a demand, which the councillor transfers from residents of the area who “are outraged by the neglect and poor condition of not only a piece of urban furniture in Xàbia, but one of the icons of the socioeconomic tradition of the xabieros, which is fishing”.

In the summary of his interventions after the plenary session that the councillor sends in a statement, Escrivá has highlighted that this boat is one of the signs of identity and tradition of the urban centre of the port and of the whole of Xàbia, such as this fishing boat. “It cannot be found in that state of abandonment, full of drips, with part of the wood falling and splintering and the paint chipping, which denotes a serious lack of conservation and continued over time.” So Escrivá has urged the municipal executive to act against the deterioration and establish a plan for the restoration of the affected areas and afterwards, a maintenance schedule to ensure that it is properly conserved.

The Cs representative also reminded the municipal executive of the state of the Triana bridge pedestrian walkway, which is “an infrastructure that was inaugurated eight months ago but is already suffering from rusting railings and with some of the wooden planks that make up the walkway coming loose”.

In this regard, Escrivá has recalled the commitment that he received months ago about the proposal he himself made to implement a specific maintenance plan for the pedestrian walkway which would avoid all these damages. “Nothing has been done, in view of the state of the bridge walkway, after just 10 months since its reopening.” Some wood replacement work was done due to storm damage in the part that connects with the Paseo de Marina Española, but Escrivà claimed that the repair was only done within the framework of the guarantee of the work carried out.

Finally, the councilor has raised the problem of discomfort and even slipping that can be caused the accumulation of flowers with resin that invade the pavements, coming from the jacaranda trees, fruit of the aphid plague that a usually attacks this tropical tree at this time of year, located mainly on Avenida Augusta.

Escrivá has proposed to treat this problem with a biological treatment, consisting of the placement and controlled release of ladybugs in these trees, since they are one of the natural predators of the aphid, with which to combat this pest naturally. Other municipalities have already begun to implement this strategy successfully and it can be combined with spraying with ecological products without chemical agents and respectful of the environment. This is a measure that has been well received by councillor Kika Mata (Services) which she said would be transferred to the technicians of her department to study its implementation.