Contracts for seasonal services up for grabs, including beach bars

The chiringuitos have been reduced from five to three, their construction and decor should integrate into the environment and they should not host live music events in order to minimise inconvenience to local residents.

Thursday 12th May 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: press release – Ajuntament de Xàbia

Xàbia Council has opened up the bidding period to tender for the contracts for the seasonal services that can be offered on the beaches of the municipality, including three chiringuitos – beach bars – as well as the rental of sunbeds and parasols and the rental positions for maritime sports, such as paddle surf, canoes and jet skis.

Interested parties have until 2.00pm on Friday 27th May to submit both economic and technical proposals solely and exclusively by electronic means through the utility for preparing and presenting bids on the Plataforma de Contratación del Sector Público – the Public Sector Contracting Platform.

The main change in the contracts for these seasonal services, which have been endorsed by Costas, is the reduction in the number of beach bars – from five to three – and the operating periods for these services: the beach bars can be installed from May 1st each year, the maritime sports rental points from June 1st each year, and the sunbeds and parasols from July 1st each year, with the exception of the Arenal beach where they can available from May 1st.

With regards to starting prices, the beach bars (which can occupy a maximum of 20 sqm with a further 50 sqm of terrace) have been set at 15,000 euros, the equipment rental point of Playa del Benissero is set at 6,000 euros, the Arenal rental point (mainly jetskis) at 25,000 euros, and the sunbed and parasol contracts are available at starting prices of between 6,000 euros to 150,000 euros, depending of the number of square metres that will be occupied and the number of units that will be available for rent.

Bids will assessed and scored out of 100, with 60 points based on economic offer, 10 points for the project and 30 points based on service improvements, such as available toilets and storerooms, selection waste management, and mechanisms for the collection of cigarette butts in the case of the beach bars, and showers, toilets and selective waste management for the maritime sports rental services and sunbed/parasol services.

The conditions of the contracts include a series of general obligations to be complied with by the successful bidders, including essential health and safety measures as well as the proper contracted employment of all staff. There are also conditions linked to the image of the business, hygiene, and good coexistence with residents, such as daily cleaning schedules and waste management, avoiding bad odours and nuisances.

In addition, there is a prohibition on the permanent storage of materials within the contracted position that damages the environmental image of the coast. In the case of the beach bars, it is requested that materials and colours are used that integrate with the local environment, that the activity of the facilities that generates noise and inconvenience to nearby residents and beachgoers is kept to a minimum, and that they should not host live music events.

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