AMJASA strengthens discounts to those affected by the COVID-19 measures

The company has a social fund of one million euros for direct aid or discounts on receipts for this basic necessity.

Thursday 13th May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The municipal water company AMJASA is strengthening the measures of economic support at the local level that has been developed by Xàbia Council to alleviate the effects of the COVID-19 health crisis on family budgets as well as small businesses in the municipality.

The company has a social fund of one million euros for direct aid or discounts on receipts for this basic necessity, support that – to avoid additional procedures – has already been granted directly to the 239 companies that benefited from the financial assistance granted by the PLAN PARÉNTESIS, those who have already provided proof to the local administration of the impact the measures to contain the virus have had on their finances, as well as vulnerable people whose situation has been supported by social services and are recipients of other emergency funding.

This support consists of the full discount of the service fee and up to 40 cubic metres of water consumption in the case of individuals or 70 cubic metres in the case of companies. These discounts are given on invoices issued during the national state of alarm which recently ended on May 9th so, since the water bills are issued every two months, the discounts for the September-October 2020 bill will be applied to the May-June 2021 bill.

A representative of AMJASA said that “since some of the invoices that will now be subject to discounts were already invoiced and collected, those discounts will be applied to the next invoice, so it is possible that nothing will be charged.”

AMJASA have also pointed out that, in the case of companies benefiting from the PLAN PARÉNTESIS, they have the data that at the time was provided to Xàbia Council. However, there are cases in which the owners of the company don’t have the water supply contract in their name, so tey are collecting the necessary information to be able to process the discounts. The company advises that if someone is in this situation and wants to speed up the process, they should contact the AMJASA offices by telephone on 96 579 01 62.

The company is also offering help to subscribers who aren’t eligible for the assistance, including the possibility of postponing invoices according to their needs as well as extending the voluntary period of payment until December 31st 2021 with late payment interest added.

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