AMJASA raises awareness among secondary school students in Xàbia about the importance of drinking tap water

The students of IES La Mar, Antoni Llido and María Inmaculada share a day of environmental awareness in the desalination plant.

Monday 27th March 2023
Mike Smith

More than one hundred secondary students from the IES Antoni Llidó, La Mar and the María Inmaculada de Xàbia school have participated in a day to raise awareness about sustainability policies organized by the municipal water company AMJASA.

The gathering, organised to mark the International Water Day, was held in the desalination plant, Xàbia’s great drinking water “factory”, and expressed the importance and positive impact that a simple gesture has on the environment as to start drinking tap water.

Mayor José Chulvi welcomed the young people to the desalination plant and appealed to their role in the necessary and urgent social path to reduce the human impact “in an environment as privileged as the one we have.” The mayor encouraged them to be activists “in your homes, with people who have not been lucky enough to receive environmental education or with whom they think that the problem has to be solved by others” and has expressed his satisfaction that the schools are involved in projects that have the protection of the environment as their axis.

In fact, the two secondary schools presented interesting work developed in the classroom. IES Antoni Llidó Institute described an app on the ecological footprint that they have developed as part of an Erasmus project, a tool that has allowed them to discover that there are not enough resources on the planet to maintain current consumption rates.

Meanwhile IES La Mar presented a project to use the roof of the school as a cistern and self-supply for sanitary uses, a job that last year was awarded by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. They have also made a presentation on the desalination process that they had studied in class.

AMJASA also screened a video to raise awareness about the advantages of drinking tap water and gifted the students reusable bottles to encourage them to fill them from the tap and stop generating plastic. These bottles will be delivered to all secondary school students in Xàbia.