AEMET issues warning for potential for heavy rain on Thursday

There is a risk of heavy rain with an accumulation rate of 20mm per hour across the Marina Alta.


Wednesday 17th March 2021 | MIKE SMITH

The state meteorological agency AEMET has issued a YELLOW risk warning for the potential of heavy rain on Thursday 18th March. Forecast models are suggesting that the northern coastal zone of the Alicante province could be affected, with a 10%-40% probability of accumulated precipitation of 20 litres per hour from 3.00am tomorrow morning until 3pm in the afternoon.

With talk dominated by the movement of very cold polar air moving down across the continent potentially causing much lower temperatures than normal for this time of year across almost the entire country over the San José weekend, forecast models are also suggesting that Thursday could see some localised heavy downpours during the morning as well as the possibility of snow at high elevations.

It should be remembered that these warnings are issued for probability, not certainty. They do not mean that they will happen but that there is a chance that they may do. It is better to be prepared than not.

Information Source
AEMET – Avisos Meteorológicos
Laboratorio de Climatología – Universidad de Alicante