The day will be taking place on Sunday 28th February in the Parque Forestal de la Granadella.

The Centre Excursionista de Xàbia (CEX) has got together with the Department of Environment and Ecological Transition, as well as other groups, to organise a tree-planting day on Sunday 28th January to mark the Comunidad Valenciana’s “Tree Day” which was declared by the Generalitat in 1990.

The event forms part of the winter CEX Mountain School and aims to raise awareness of the importance of reforestation and tree planting in the fight against climate change, the protection of biodiversity, the regulation of the water cycle, soil conservation, and the improvement of the landscape.

The project will be begin at 9.00am on Sunday 28th January in Cala Granadella where different teams will be formed and sent out to different areas across the Parque Forestal de la Granadella where, following the instructions of municipal technical staff and forestry staff, they will begin the reforestation process.

The responsible councillor, Juanlu Cardona, explained that the council have planned for the planting of species such as European Fan Palm, Carob, Mediterranean Hackberry, European Olive, Mastic and Strawberry that are resistant to fire, which will be distributed to everyone who signs up to participate in the project.

CEX will also be able to count on the collaboration of other groups such as “Jávea, te quiero limpia”, “Xàbia, neta entre tots”, as well as the Department of Sports, Protección Civil (which will provide the tank with water to water the seedlings) and the Cruz Roja de Xàbia.

In addition, on Friday 16th February, the local council has organized another reforestation day with CEIP Mediterrània and Trenc d’Alba to raise awareness amongst the little ones.