A plug of wet wipes causes a spill of sewage in the Gorgos riverbed

AMJASA workers admit that “you don’t want to know what comes out of those pumps” as the company calls on residents to stop putting wet wipes down the toilet.

A stream of black water in the bed of the Gorgos river.

Wednesday 24th February 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ (Xàbia AL DÍA)

A plug of wet wipes, and other products that have been thrown into the toilet, have caused a spill of sewage in the stretch of the Gorgos riverbed between the Vïa Augusta bridge and IES Nº 1.

Xàbia Council received a notice last week and in fact, this same Monday, it sent a tank to remove the sewage that was in the channel. Meanwhile, workers from AMJASA located the origin of the spill, a plug of wet wipes and other materials thrown into the toilet which caused a series of leaks in the general sewage network that runs under the riverbed itself. and that according to several residents, could have numerous flaws.

XAD watched the inspection of one of the impulsion pumps by AMJASA workers next to the Via Augusta bridge. “You don’t want to know what comes out of those pumps,” commented the person in charge, who a few days ago extracted a large quantity of wipes from that same point “but also underwear …“.

Some wet wipes that have ended up on the rocky coast during storms.

The person in charge of supervising the correct operation of the sewer system impulsion pumps is clear about it and asks the residents and subscribers of AMJASA that if they use wet wipes in the bathroom, they should put them in the bin and not down the toilet.

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