99.9% of student bubbles complete first week of March without incident

The number of classrooms which have been forced into confinement is at its lowest level since the school year began.

Monday 8th March 2021 | translated by MIKE SMITH

Of almost 47,000 student bubbles that exist in public funded schools and institutes in the Comunidad Valenciana, 99.9% completed the week March 1st to March 5th with face-to-face teaching without incident. And of the 1,845 educational centres that form the Valencian education system, 97.5% have concluded the week without a single confined classroom.

The number of newly-confined student bubbles has dropped to 25 in 19 education centres, a decrease of 23 on the previous week, which is the lowest number since the start of the school year.

A total of 67 student bubbles in 41 educational centres have moved out of confinement and this is the sixth consecutive week in which the confinement of classrooms has exceeded preventive isolation.

Thus, the total number of confined student bubbles across the Comunidad Valenciana at the end of last week stands at 66 classrooms in 47 education centres, a decrease of 39%.

Of the 818,644 students in Infants, Primary, Secondary, and Further Education, there is a total of 0.1% of active positive cases, 897 students. With regards to teachers, of the 78,434 in the Valencian education system, 0.2% are currently active positive cases, a total of 161 teachers.


Of the 638 education centres in the province of Alicante, 97.2% do not have any confined students bubbles. There are 18 centres which have 34 confined bubbles between them, so 99.8% of nearly 16,700 student bubbles are receive face-to-face teaching as normal.

During the past week, 13 student bubbles in 10 education centres have been confined, 19 bubbles in 12 centres have been released from confinement, and 21 bubbles in 8 centres remain confined.

Of the 297,281 students in the Alicante region, there are 293 active positive cases (0.1%), whilst there are 63 teachers from 27,794 employed in the region who are active positive, representing 0.2% of the teaching staff.

Information Source
Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana