Xàbia’s pedestrian crossings will have pictograms for people with ASD

A sequence of pictograms will be painted on the crossings as a visual support for people with autism.

Tuesday 6th September 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: XAD

Xàbia Council has signed an agreement with the Xàbia Autism Association and the TEAVIVAL Association with the intention of promoting the inclusion of people with ASD in the municipality.

The collaboration will allow the adaptation of pedestrian crossings to promote their autonomy, their road safety and their inclusion in society. On the first strip, a sequence of blue pictograms will be screen-printed so that people with ASD can understand how to use them, thus improving their road safety.

The sequence is based on four drawings: PARA; MIRA; VEHÍCULO PARADO; CRUZA. This visual support is very useful for people with autism and can also teach children or the elderly the usefulness of crosswalks.

In Xàbia they will be painted in strategic places such as school routes and those to public parks and sports infrastructures. The intention is to improve the day-to-day life and road safety of people with ASD and at the same time other groups that may also be favoured by the implementation of measures that help to better understand their environment.