Xàbia to spend 390,000 euros to analyze state of the sewage system

Pepa Gisbert announces that they will begin the process of protection of Les Pesqueras.

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Monday 29th November 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Wet wipes, the sewage system and the state of the network were other protagonists in the plenary session held last Thursday in Xàbia. The PP spokesperson, Rosa Cardona, asked if the Sanitation Commission created by the local government (and in which the opposition parties participate) was going to meet soon because day after day new faults are appearing in the system.

Precisely one of these new faults had been detected, and publicly denounced by Ecologistas en Acción, specifically in one of the pipes that passing along the Gorgos river bed, which has been dispelling not only wet wipes, but also condoms …

Given this, councillor Kika Mata (Services) has claimed that the department’s technicians have already drawn up the specifications for an analysis of the sewage system, a contract that will go out to tender for 390,000 euros and will act like “an audit to identify the current situation” and see where to act.

The councillor explained that the document will cover the entire network of the town and thus “we can see where we have to act.” She also indicated that the Commission will be consulted so that all parties can study it.

Speaking of commissions and participation of the opposition, on Friday the modification of the Municipal Circulation By-Law (the part related to scooters and personal mobility vehicles) was approved with the support of all parties, a document that could be worked on before going through commission with a dedicated meeting.

And in this same line of participation, councillor Pepa Gisbert (Town Planning) announced that she will shortly present the modification of the Urban Mobility Plan to the opposition parties and promised to hold a prior meeting with all of them and the municipal technicians so they can make their contributions.

Protection of Les Pesqueras

Gisbert also received a congratulation from the councilor for Compromís, Vicent Colomer, for “the speed” in the processing of the urban infringement in the fishery d’Encots denounced by the IROX. In this regard, Colomer was interested in how the investigation was going and the councilor acknowledged that it had been “difficult” to locate the owners, but finally they managed to find the developer of the house who must return the area to its previous state before the collapse.

In addition, the councillor announced that the work has already begun to catalog and protect the fisheries of Xàbia, a demand for years from groups such as IROX, which the local government did not finish attending or believing.

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