Xàbia strengthens street cleaning and waste collection service during festive period

Collection services have been reinforced whilst street cleaning has been strengthened to meet the extraordinary needs of the Christmas season.

Tuesday 27th December 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: Ajuntament de Xàbia

As part of the new street cleaning and waste collection contract, the Department of Services has activated a special reinforcement to respond to the special demands of the festive period.

The workforce has been increased by ten more people in order to cover the addition of three more vehicles in service, a double collection of paper and cardboard containers to avoid overflowing, and a review of the green zone rubbish collection points.

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On December 24th and December 31st, the services are strengthened due to the closure of the rubbish management plants on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, two dates when there is only a minimum active service in Xàbia.

With regards to street cleaning, which includes night washing, pressure cleaning and clearing, the service has been strengthened to meet the extraordinary needs of the many events organised during the festive period whilst the sweeper service has been reviewed for the main roads of the town, the port and the Arenal beach zone.

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