Xàbia schools prepare for the start of the new school year

Schools will re-open on Thursday 9th September and it is expected that they will be following the same health security protocols.

Tuesday 31st August 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

With the days counting down until the return to school, the town council has reported that it has been taking advantage of the summer to carry out improvements to the educational centres in town that have been identified during the last school year or have to be carried out to provide better conditions for both teachers and for children and young people.

The last school year was anything but normal. The ongoing pandemic forced schools to readjust their procedures as well as look for alternatives for performing the same task but providing the required distancing and health measures in outdoor spaces, classrooms and other areas, adaptions that resulted in striking and unusual alternatives.  

During the summer holidays, Xàbia Council has carried out maintenance in schools, making small repairs and projects that have been requested by the teaching staff using personnel hired through local social employment initiatives. In CEIP L’Arenal, a new classroom for two-year-olds will be opening, providing 18 free spaces with a teacher and educator. A new open space will also be opened in CEIP Trenc d’Alba whilst CEIP Mediterrània will benefit from a new climbing wall. Other smaller actions have also been carried out, such as re-painting, maintenance, conditioning and cleaning tasks.

Schools in Xàbia will re-open on Thursday 9th September – one day later that the rest of the Comunidad Valenciana due to the local fiesta of Mare de Déu de Loreto being celebrated on September 8th. It is expected that classes will follow the same health security protocols as the previous school year.