Xàbia renews political unity against COVID-19

The party representatives signed a cooperation pact to promote municipal actions to provide a social and economic response to this crisis.

The municipal representatives of PSPV, PP, CpJ, Compromís and Ciudadanos, together with the mayor José Chulvi, after the signing of this second Recuperem Xàbia

Monday 8th February 2021 | MIKE SMITH

The board of representatives, representing all the political parties present in the Xàbia Council (PSPV, PP, Ciudadanos por Jávea, Compromís and Ciudadanos) has today renewed its cooperation and joint work pact for the promotion of measures at the local level with which to respond to the health, social and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

The municipal groups signed an agrement that makes it clear that this unprecedented situation is at the center of local politics right now and reflects different actions and commitments of the town hall aimed at reactivating Xàbia economically and socially. In fact, the Council already has 3 million euros available to activate this year’s initiatives that are already in the preparation phase – 1.5 million for direct aid to the self-employed and entrepreneurs, 1 million for a social employment plan and 750,000 euros for social assistance, in addition to what it will stop collecting for bonuses and tax exemptions, An amount that is added to the 6 million that it budgeted in 2020 to provide the different lines of aid that it offered.

Recuperem Xàbia 2021

In the new agreement, which will be developed as part of the “Recuperem Xàbia 2021” plan, Xàbia undertakes to adhere to all the plans promoted by the different administrations such as the Plan RESISTE of the Generalitat and its different lines; to study 100% local aid – from support to the most affected sectors, the exemption of fees such as the occupation of the public road or the study of compensation equivalent to the rubbish collection rate, to direct aid to those affected by ERTEs, to the payment of fees social security, entrepreneurs – and offer good advice and support to those affected and other agents involved in the processing of all benefits.

Also, they have agreed to launch campaigns or actions to encourage local consumption and tourism when the current restrictive measures are lifted, to continue offering training to small businesses to adapt to new scenarios and to maintain a joint working table with business associations.

At the social level, the parties also unanimously agreed to guarantee the economic endowment and the personal means necessary for the Department of Social Services for the processing of emergency aid and others of a social nature, to continue promoting employment plans (such as the social one that exists currently in process one with 44 jobs for 10 months), to participate in those promoted at the regional level (Ecovid, Avalem …) and to give maximum facilities to the taxpayer to pay municipal taxes.

In this municipal agreement it is already advanced that the Council will offer the Public Health Service all its collaboration and municipal spaces to facilitate the development of the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, as well as that cooperation with the educational centres of the municipality will be maintained to guarantee safe and healthy facilities in the classrooms and the reinforcement of preventive cleaning in public spaces will continue, especially in the areas with the highest number of people.

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Press Release: Ajuntament de Xàbia