Xàbia puts aside 2 million euros to acquire 30,000 square meters of industrial estate land

The funds will be put aside from another credit modification of some 3.9 million euros.


Tuesday 23rd March 2021 | PRESS RELEASE; translation MIKE SMITH

During the Finance Commission held on Monday, the local government body has presented a credit modification in the extended budget that amounts to some 3.9 million euros, of which 2 million euros will be used to purchase 30,000 square metres of land in the Catarroges industrial estate zone to centralize various municipal warehouses.

The modification was approved unanimously by all parties on the commission. After this approval, the proposal has to be endorsed in the next plenary session of the Council which is scheduled for next Monday 29th March.

The 3.9 million euro credit will be financed from treasury surplus, the amount that has not been spent from last year’s budget, which has been derived from the higher income that the Council has received through urban planning licenses and construction tax.

In a statement from the local government, it has been explained that Xàbia Council already has public land in the Catarroges area, a zone that was used a few years ago as a provisional transfer plant after the fire at the Ramblars landfill which the Generalitat Valenciana announced many years ago that it intended to seal. The Council is planning to develop the area as an industrial estate and is interested in acquiring an additional 30,000 square metres to centralize the storage of services, a new EcoPark and a warehouse for vehicles which have been removed by tow truck.

In a statement, the local government has pointed out that the City Council already has public land in that area (which was used a few years ago as a provisional transfer plant after the fire at the Ramblars landfill, which the Generalitat announced many years ago. that it intended to seal ..), which is planning to develop as an industrial estate, and is interested in acquiring an additional 30,000 square meters to centralize the storage of services, a new eco-park and the warehouse for vehicles removed by the crane.

Investments: new ATMs for underground car parks that accept card payments

In addition, funds are to be made available to invest some 850,000 euros for the improvement of street lighting, 140,000 euros for the “setting up and repair of playgrounds”, and 160,000 euros for the purchase of new ATMs for the underground car-parks to accept card payments, a proposal made a few months ago by the C’s representative Enrique Escrivá.

The Department of Sports will be endowed with 100,000 euros, of which 40,000 euros will be allocated to “other company work”, 20,000 euros for “studies and technical work” and some 20,000 euros for the upkeep and maintenance of sports facilities. In addition, about 710,000 euros has been put aside for extending funding agreements with sports club and social associations.

Some 30,000 euros has been agreed for the sterilization of stray cats, another 18,000 euros to invest in the Portitxol archaeological research project, and 13,000 euros for to exhume three residents of Xàbia who retaliated against the Franco regime and were buried in an unmarked grave in an Alicante cemetery. In addition, 4,000 euros has been allocated to the Municipal Archive’s ‘Vila de Xàbia’ award, the first edition of which was won by art historian David Gutiérrez, a contributor to XAD.

In terms of Culture, 15,000 euros will be invested in the Sorolla Project whilst 11,000 euros will fund a new youth unit in the Casa de Tena in Carrer Mayor.

This is the second draft change faced by the local government in less than three months of the financial year, the first amounting to 3.4 million euros and now a second totalling 3.9 million euros, all based on the accounts that were approved in four years ago in 2017.

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