Xàbia opens new Freginal playground this Tuesday

The space, completely renovated, will close at night to avoid vandalism

Tuesday 1st February 2022 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

The new children’s playground in Plaza de Xàtiva in the Freginal neighbourhood of Xàbia will open for business at 5.00pm this Tuesday, a completely renovated space for the younger members of the community into which the local council has invested some 208,000 euros.

The design of the new play area was based on requests from the children themselves through the Consell dels Xiquets and has two different play areas – one of the little ones and another with a block of children’s games based on a chosen theme of fairy tales, with castles, towers and carriages.

The renovations have also taken in the demands of adults by installing gym elements to provide a healthy option for those who visit the square in the middle of the neighbourhood to the south of the old town.

The new space has been provided with new litter bins and furniture whilst maintaining the iconic central tree which provides a perfect shaded area. Around the perimeter, native aromatic plants have been planted which are easy to maintain and will grow to a low height that will guarantee visibility into the park from the exterior.

In addition, an effort has be made to avoid vandalism and misuse as a ‘pipican’ by dog owners by installing a lighting system and a perimeter metal fence that will allow the square to be closed at night. The opening hours will be 8.00am to 8.00pm during the winter, extended to 10.00pm during the summer months.

The local council has called for respectful use of the new park area, citing that children of the municipality have the right to enjoy decent and safe spaces to play and socialise.

Mayor José Chulvi and councillor Montse Villaverde (Children) visited the park on Monday to officially take on the renovations on behalf of the local council from contractors Domingo Serna Construcciones Metálicas, who carried out the project for which an municipal investment of 208,204.26 euros was provided.

At 5.00pm today (Tuesday), it will be officially opened to children with a simple inauguration in which the Consell dels Xiquets will play a leading role.

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