Xàbia invest one million euros on two plots next to future industrial estate

The council failed to secure the full 30,000 square metres of land as originally planned due to a debt.

Tuesday 1st February 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Last year the local council put aside some two million euros for the purchase of around 30,000 square metres of land to provide a future municipal warehouse next to the planned Catarroges industrial estate. The purchase went ahead, through a public call process, but not without various changes brought about by an outstanding debt of one of the owners with the public administration so that only 20,000 square metres was acquired, at a cost of one million euros.

The PP representative, Rosa Cardona, questioned the local government to find out details of the deal and the reason for the lower price, given than the funding put aside was double that which was paid.

According to councillor Pepa Gisbert (Town Planning), two plots totalling 20,190 square metres have been purchased, next to the industrial estate. The remaining area could not be purchased “because the owner had a debt”.

Regarding the economic valuation, councillor Ximo Segarra (Treasury) explained that the price had been lower “since it was the price that the owners [of the land] set” and pointed out that the balance could be used for the necessary works to adapt the zone.

The Cuidadanos representative, Enrique Escrivà, also requested an update on the state of the urbanization works on the future industrial estate – together with these purchased plots – and Segarra claimed that municipal personnel “are reviewing the project” to see if “it can be put out to tender again”.

The public tender for these works was originally started in 2020 and two companies presented their proposals for the contract; the first resigned before the second also pulled out.

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