Xàbia intends to approve regulation for use of sports facilities

The normative plan advances the local government’s intentions to amend a number of by-laws.

Wednesday 12th January 2020 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The local government of Xàbia has shown its regulatory intentions for 2022 regarding the modification of the fiscal and regulatory ordinances of the different services, intentions that may or may not be fulfilled, but which administratively need to be approved.

It was in the plenary session held at the end of the year, at a point where the “Normative Plan 2022” was discussed, a document that the local government expressed all its political intentions. For example, it is reported that the Department of Sports will continue in its plan to update and is committed to approving a code of ethics for sport and a regulation of activities and uses of sports facilities.

In what would become the second phase of the proposed plan for 2021, the local government has complied with the creation of the Municipal Sports Council, an advisory body on sports, which has not yet held its first meeting.

It also includes the intention to amend or update the by-laws regulating sales outside commercial establishments, as well as the rate regulating the installation of street stalls, or the rate of stalls in the Municipal Market. These rates have been in force since 2008 and 2007 respectively.

The Town Planning Department has announced that it intends to approve a by-law on Protection Against Noise Pollution, and the tax ordinance regulating the rate of sewerage. These two are a necessary step after the approval of the Municipal Acoustic Plan and the Regulation of the Sewerage, as well as the embodiment of the first network in the urbanizations.

Also the area headed by councillor Pepa Gisbert is committed to drafting an ordinance on administrative activity of control of urban legality, a regulation that seeks to “modify or repeal” the current by-law regulating the “Declaration Responsible for the exercise of acts of use, transformation and building of the ground, subsoil and flight ”.

In the tax section, the local government points out the intention to amend the tax ordinances of the rate of use of Ramblars, the rate of rubbish, the occupation of the public road with tables and chairs, entrances and underground parking as well as approve others such as the one that will regulate the limited parking in the coves of Granadella and Portitxol, the transport to these coves and a by-law for the use of the bathing areas in both.

The normative plan went ahead with the vote in favour of the local government (PSPV and CpJ) and the abstention of PP, Compromís and Ciudadanos.

Regarding this plan, the Ciudadanos spokesman, Enrique Escrivá, criticized it in the statement in which he summarizes his intervention in the plenary, that it would not have incorporated the elaboration of an ordinance to combat animal abuse and raise awareness against incivility.

Escrivá said that “nothing has been done” and that the document does not include the authorization of a dog beach or “the regulations for setting up an Animal Welfare Board”, which will serve as a “speaker for the pooling and joint work of all animal welfare associations. “

In this line, he asked for the launch a “pet identification campaign, with which to have pets registered, through an approved microchip and using DNA obtained through saliva”, in addition to the registration that the Council already has for potentially dangerous dogs.

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