Xàbia initiates Land Bank scheme to revitalise abandoned farmland

The initiative aims to connect owners of abandoned plot with those willing to work them

The Department of Economic Dynamization, in collaboration with the Marina Alta Agricultural Network, part of the CREAMA initiative, has created a new LAND BANK scheme which aims to connect the owners of unused agricultural plots with those people who are willing to work them.

The responsible councillor, Juanlu Cardona (PP), explained that since it is known that there are many abandoned agricultural plots in Xàbia, the local council has requested the assistance of the Marina Alta Agricultural Network (Xarxa Agrícola de la Marina Alta) to develop an initiative to revitalise them.

The project would have several distinct phases in its development. The first step would be a comprehensive review of the agricultural plots which could form part of the initiative, followed by an assessment of each plot according to a set of variables, and finally the establishment of a contact network between landowner and farmer.

Specifically, technical staff from the Agricultural Network will assess the location of the plot, whether it is abandoned or in use, in which case the current crop will be taken into account, the situation of irrigation, and vehicle access.

Once catalogued, the available plots will be incorporated into the Land Bank and offered to both the agricultural sector and the public in general. If someone is willing to purchase the plots, the Agricultural Network will provide mediation between the two parties so that an agreement that is beneficial to both parties can be reached. And once a contract is signed, the technical staff will ensure proper compliance with the terms and conditions.

Councillor Cardona stressed the importance of maintaining active agricultural plots in order to reduce environmental and socioeconomic problems as well as the fire risk, the spread of pests and rodents, and the danger of soil erosion and landscape degradation. In addition, revitalizing abandoned plots will help to prevent them from becoming uncontrolled landfills.

The councillor reminded landowners that they have an obligation to maintain their plots in good condition and the Land Bank scheme provides them with the opportunity of avoiding maintenance costs and preserving the agronomy and productive potential of their land through correct leasing.

Interested parties who wish to add their plots to the project can do so through the following links: