Xàbia experiences slight increase in unemployment during September

The town recorded 1,583 unemployed residents during September, a rise of just over 3%.

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Wednesday 27th October 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

September is that month that, in Xàbia at least, is known as “the month of the foreign tourist”, a time of certain economic stability in which the profile of the visitor to the town changes to one, generally, of a European nature. However, the influence of the pandemic is not yet noticeable and good proof of this are the unemployment figures from last September.

Xàbia registered 1,583 unemployed people according to data from the State Public Employment Service (SERP), 49 more than in August, a rise of just over 3%. Although no increase in local unemployment is more positive news, this is a “normal” rise following the massive influx of tourists during the main summer months. The town continues to have its main economic engine in tourism and this has experienced a boom in recent years.

However, what is not so normal is the total number itself. It is still high for a municipality like Xàbia, which has such a seasonal economy and so settled in the tertiary sector of hospitality. You have to go back to 2019, before the pandemic, to understand this. In September two years ago, the population registered 1,288 unemployed, 295 less than today. The figure was already high, since it is more typical of the winter months according to the average of the records, but the difference is notable.

Still, there is a silver lining: An economic recovery is taking place. Just a year ago, in September 2020, after a summer of de-escalation, some relative freedom after confinement, without as many restrictions as those that began to be imposed in winter, Xàbia recorded 1,707 unemployed people (124 more than now). It was an unusual figure after the months of July and August and more considering that the summer of 2020 was not at all calm at an occupational level.

September unemployment in Xàbia by age and gender

Last month 882 women and 701 men were unemployed. Those aged over 45 are always the most affected and in September, 495 women and 396 men were unemployed.

In the age range 25-44, 343 women and 256 men were unemployed whilst of those under 25 years of age, SERP notified that 49 young men and 44 young women were without a job.

Regarding hiring, 698 new contracts were signed in September (42 more than August). Of this total, 582 were of a temporary nature (which denotes the precariousness of stable employment that occurs in the municipality), 44 were permanent and 72 went from being temporary to permanent.

Unemployment in May by economic sectors

Xàbia continues to register the highest amount of unemployment in the Services sector. In the last month, it registered 1,190 unemployed people (58 more than in August) The Construction sector experienced a slight decrease, registering 212 unemployed (4 less). Industry registered 48 unemployed people (2 less) and the Fisheries and Agriculture sector also registered a timid decrease with 19 unemployed people, 2 less than in September

With 1,583 people, the municipality becomes the second town with the highest unemployment in La Marina Alta – it’s usually third – behind Dénia with 3,689 unemployed people. Calp with 1,541 without a job is in third spot.