Xàbia begins study of the sewage network

A master plan will lists the necessary actions that need to be taken to resolve deficiencies and update the sewage network,

Thursday 15th April 2021 | PRESS RELEASE; translated by MIKE SMITH

Modernizing the sewage network in Xàbia has become as a priority on the town’s political agenda. In the last plenary session, the Council agreed that the system needs to be completely evaluated to discover its deficiencies and determine the actions that need to be taken to improve it and reduce its impact on the environment.

The intention is to prepare a master plan which lists the necessary actions – in sequence – that need to be taken to resolve these deficiencies and update the sewage network, the main infrastructure for the management of sewage water and rainwater as well as that produced by the industrial sector.

Today the representatives from all the political parties held a first meeting exclusively dedicated to this network and have agreed on how to carry out the process of modernizing it.

At the end of the meeting, mayor José Chulvi explained that the first agreement that was reached was to commission a technical report on the current condition of the network. “We have agreed that in order to carry out the correct management [of the network] and propose actions to improve it, the main thing is to have a good idea of the entire system, the number of kilometres, the local of the network pipes, the primary and secondary treatment plants in operation, the status of all the infrastructures, the problems detected, and the related municipal projects, such as new pumping stations.”

The mayor added that the study will begin with a specialized technical inspection using specialized cameras, a task that will be contracted out. Information will also be collected from EPSAR-CV Entidad Publica de Saneamiento de Aguas Residuales de la Comunidad Valenciana, dependent on the Ministry of Agriculture, which provides a report on the sanitation and treatment service of the Waste Water Treatment Plant (EPAR) in Xàbia, whose management has been contracted to DAM-Sav Agricultores de la Vega de Valencia.

The representatives have agreed to set the first specific commission within 15 days.

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