What projects will the Xàbia Council carry out during 2022?

A list of the investments being carried out by the local council during 2022.

An image of the evolution of the works of the Parque Reina Sofía.

Friday 11th March 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Xàbia AL DÍA

The plenary session of the Xàbia Council approved the 2022 budget a few weeks ago, and together with it, the local government announced a series of investments that it intends to execute during the year, some of which are already underway.

This is the list:

  • Street Lighting – Urbanización Tosalet: 2.80 million euros
  • Coastal Project Avenida Mediterráneo/Primer Montañar: 2.57 million euros
  • Swimming Pool (Municipal Contribution): 1.67 million euros
  • Renovation – Cap de Sant Antoni Lighthouse: 1.09 million euros
  • Renovation – CEIP Trenc d’Alba: 1.03 million euros
  • Urbanization Work – PAI Mar Azul (Portitxol): 1.01 million euros
  • Urbanization Work – Cattarrojes Industrial Estate: 921,085 euros
  • Renovation – CEIP Mediterrània: 454,037 euros
  • Road re-surfacing: 352,434 euros
  • Renovation – Parque Reina Sofía: 284,464 euros
  • Montgó-3 Wasterwater Collector: 206,059 euros
  • Renovation – Casa dels Xolbi (Casa Candelaria): 192,222 euros
  • Improvement Works – Guardia Park Treatment Plant: 130,157 euros
  • Renovation – Parque Plaza de Xàtiva: 121,054 euros
  • Transfer Transformer Cala Blanca (Calle Atenas/Larissa): 65,346 euros
  • New Changing Rooms – Mezquides Campo de Fútbol: 27,725 euros

Social Programmes

  • Social Employment Plan (Hiring Unemployed People): 1.15 million euros
  • EMPUJU (Young People under 30): 315,046 euros
  • ECOVID (Unemployed People affected by COVID-19 Crisis): 268,221 euros

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