Wet wipes appear again on the river bed of the Gorgos

Environmental group reports that more wet wipes have appeared in the river channel next to several sewer hatches.

Friday 22nd October 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

Ecologistas en Acción de la Marina Alta has reported that wet wipes have reappeared on the bed of the river Gorgos, next to the hatches of the sewer network that runs along the channel.

This time the wipes have been located in several sections of the channel, as XAD has been able to visually check. The hatch next to the McDonalds, those which are located next to the IES No 1, and also on the coast of the Segunda Muntanyar. The environmental group have again communicated the situation to Xàbia Council as well as environmental agents.

All this in the hours before a warning for heavy rains on Friday in Xàbia and the Marina Alta, which would put pressure on the drainage and sewer systems of the municipality.

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