VIRUS UPDATE: Downtrend continues; 1 outbreak detected in Calp

Government confirms that AstraZeneca vaccine will be administered to health professionals and those aged 45-55 years.

Report: 17/02/2021 Comunidad Valenciana

1,530 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through PCR or antigen tests; by province, the distribution of these new cases is 185 in Castellón, 793 in Valencia, and 552 in Alicante. In total, 368,402 positive cases have been recorded in the Comunidad Valenciana. There are currently 3 unassigned cases.


There have been a total of 63 new outbreaks of the disease across the Comunidad Valenciana; by province, the distribution is 4 in Castellón, 31 in Valencia, and 24 in Alicante, of which 1 has been detected in the Marina Alta region, affecting 8 people.

  • Calp: 1 outbreak (8 cases – social)

The origins of these new outbreaks in the Valencian region can be assigned as follows:

  • 53% social
  • 25% education
  • 22% work

Active Cases

The data shows that there are currently 23,685 active cases of COVID-19 in the Comunidad Valenciana, with represents 6,23% of the total number of positives cases recorded.


There have been 88 deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total for the Comunidad Valenciana to 6,182 people; by province, the distribution of the deaths is 711 Castellón, 3,151 Valencia, and 2,320 Alicante.


There are 1,981 people currently in hospitals across the Comunidad Valenciana who are being treated for the COVID-19 infection; by province, the distribution is 224 Castellón with 34 patients in ICU, 934 Valencia with 228 in ICU, and 823 Alicante with 174 in ICU.


4,991 new recoveries from COVID-19 have been registered; in total, 350,017 people in the Comunidad Valenciana have overcome the disease since the pandemic began.


233,017 doses of the vaccination have been administered throughout the Comunidad Valenciana. A total of 96,789 people have completed the vaccination programme in our region.

The Public Health Commission continues to advance in the development of the Vaccination Strategy

The Public Health Commission, in which all the autonomous communities are represented, continues to advance in the Vaccination Strategy against COVID-19. Thus, at the last meeting it was agreed that the following groups to be vaccinated with mRNA will continue to be prioritized according to age, given that it is the main risk factor for serious disease and mortality.

Therefore, with mRNA vaccines after people aged 80 and over, it will continue with people between 70 and 79 years old and then from 60 to 69. Then, those under 60 years with conditions of high risk of suffering serious illness due to COVID-19, which will be specified in the next Vaccine Presentation.

At the same meeting, the following groups to be vaccinated with AstraZeneca, approved in Spain for those under 55 years old, have also been defined, which will now be completed with the groups of health professionals and the age group from 45 to 55.

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