VIRUS UPDATE: Active cases drops below 30,000 for the first time in five weeks

The Comunidad Valenciana registers 2,065 new cases of coronavirus and 5,074 discharges

Report: 16/02/2021 Comunidad Valenciana

2,065 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through PCR or antigen tests; by province, the distribution of these new cases is 185 in Castellón, 956 in Valencia, and 924 in Alicante. In total, 366,872 positive cases have been recorded in the Comunidad Valenciana. There are currently 3 unassigned cases.


There have been a total of 61 new outbreaks of the disease across the Comunidad Valenciana; by province, the distribution is 3 in Castellón, 42 in Valencia, and 16 in Alicante, none in the Marina Alta region.

The origins of these new outbreaks in the Valencian region can be assigned as follows:

  • 60% social
  • 29% education
  • 11% work

Active Cases

The data shows that there are currently 27,234 active cases of COVID-19 in the Comunidad Valenciana, with represents 7.20% of the total number of positives cases recorded.


There have been 92 deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total for the Comunidad Valenciana to 6,094 people; by province, the distribution of the deaths is 704 Castellón, 3,102 Valencia, and 2,288 Alicante.


There are 2,134 people currently in hospitals across the Comunidad Valenciana who are being treated for the COVID-19 infection; by province, the distribution is 238 Castellón with 34 patients in ICU, 1,015 Valencia with 250 in ICU, and 881 Alicante with 181 in ICU.


5,074 new recoveries from COVID-19 have been registered; in total, 345,026 people in the Comunidad Valenciana have overcome the disease since the pandemic began.


228,292 doses of the vaccination have been administered throughout the Comunidad Valenciana. A total of 96,288 people have completed the vaccination programme in our region.

The Government approves the acquisition of 20.8 million new doses of Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19

On Tuesday, the Council of Ministers approved the agreement that enables Spain to acquire new doses of vaccines against COVID-19. These are 20.8 million additional doses of the vaccine manufactured by Pfizer-BioNTech, which Spain acquires within the framework of the new European contract with the pharmaceutical company and which will be delivered throughout this year, starting in April.

This amount is added to the first purchase of more than 30 million vaccines from these same laboratories last November, making it a total of some 52 million vaccines that Spain will receive from the Pfizer-BioNTech consortium and that will serve to immunize a total of approximately 26 million people.

It should be remembered that in our country the vast majority of the vaccines that are currently administered belong to this company, with 2.4 million doses injected until yesterday.

This new consignment is the result of the additional contract signed last week between the European Commission and these laboratories for a value of 200 million doses more than those initially purchased in November, with an option for an additional 100 million, and, in whose distribution among the Member States , which is carried out proportionally to the population, Spain accounts for 10.57% of the doses.

Start of Shipments

Delivery will begin in April, scheduling the shipment of 7.8 million doses during the second quarter of the year; another 7.8 in the third quarter and 5.2 the last until adding the 20.8 million doses corresponding to our country in this additional contract.

The total cost of this consignment is 322 million euros, at the rate of a unit cost per dose of 15.5 euros.

With this action, which represents an important boost to the vaccination process, the National and European Vaccination Strategy is strengthened, which aims to vaccinate 70% of the population before the end of summer.

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