VIRUS UPDATE: 220 new cases detected in Comunidad Valenciana

Active cases in the region rise slightly for the first time since February 28th; 14-day IA rate also rises to 30.20, still the lowest in Spain.

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Report: 24/03/2021 Comunidad Valenciana

As of 24/03/2021, 220 new cases of coronavirus have been confirmed through PCR or antigen tests since the last update:

  • Provincia de Castellón: 39 (+33 on previous update)
  • Provincia de València: 158 (+103)
  • Provincia de Alicante: 73 (+44)

In total, 384,603 positive cases have been recorded in the Comunidad Valenciana. There is currently 2 unassigned cases.


There have been a total of 11 new outbreaks of the disease across the Comunidad Valenciana:

  • Provincia de Castellón: 0
  • Provincia de València: 9
  • Provincia de Alicante: 2 (Calp; Villajoyosa)

The origins of these new outbreaks can be assigned as follows:

  • 82% social
  • 18% Work
  • 0% Education

Active Cases

The data shows that there are currently 3,409 active cases of COVID-19 in the Comunidad Valenciana, with represents 0.86% of the total number of positives cases recorded.


There have been 15 deaths from COVID-19, bringing the total for the Comunidad Valenciana to 7,089 people.

  • Provincia de Castellón: 776 (no change since the last update)
  • Provincia de València: 3,623 (+6)
  • Provincia de Alicante: 2,690 (+8)


There are 473 people currently in hospitals across the Comunidad Valenciana who are being treated for the COVID-19 infection (changes since last update):

  • Provincia de Castellón: 29 (n/c) with 2 patients in ICU (n/c)
  • Provincia de València: 225 (-14) with 63 patients in ICU (n/c)
  • Provincia de Alicante: 219 (-3) with 49 patients in ICU (-5)


220 new recoveries from COVID-19 have been registered; in total, 385,568 people in the Comunidad Valenciana have overcome the disease since the pandemic began.


592,563 doses of the vaccination have been administered throughout the Comunidad Valenciana. A total of 215,661 people have completed the vaccination programme in our region.

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Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana

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