Valencia’s three field hospitals have attended to more than 200,000 people

The three centres have received hospital admissions and PCR tests or vaccinations against influenza and COVID-19 have been carried out.

Monday 15th February 2021 | MIKE SMITH

Three field hospitals established in the Comunidad Valenciana have so far attended to more than 200,000 people since becoming operational in April of last year. The centres are located next to Hospital La Fe de València, Hospital General de Alicante, and Hospital General de Castelló and have been supporting the main hospitals by alleviating the pressure on those centres, especially during the most critical moments of the pandemic.

The temporary health facilities have been treating patients with mild cases to determine if they need to be admitted to the general hospital, whilst they have also been providing space to carry out PCR tests and supporting Primary Care personnel with vaccinations for both flu and COVID-19.

To date, about 300 people from the Comunidad Valenciana have been admitted to a field hospital, all over the age of 18, non-dependent, with a positive PCR test for COVID-19, who have previously been in an acute care hospital, and who are in the final recovery phase of the disease. Specifically, 93 people have been admitted to the field hospital in Valencia, 168 to that in Alicante, and 31 to the facility in Castellón.

All the field hospitals are staffed with nurses and doctors for check-ups and consultations, in addition to the equipment necessary for patient care and clinical care (oxygen, radiodiagnosis, respirators, etc.)

When pressure on hospitals reduces during the pandemic, the three field hospitals will have a large area to carry out different care actions so that support can be given to health centres and Primary Care professionals. In figures, the field hospital at La Fe has an area of more than 2,500 square metres, that in Alicante has 4,600 square metres, and the facility at Castellón some 3,550 square metres.

PCR Tests and Vaccination of Professionals

The field hospital at La Fe carries out an average of 450 PCR tests per day, sometimes as many as 700 per day, totalling more than 145,000 PCR tests since it became operational.

In Alicante, the field hospital has been supporting health centres in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19, and more than 4,200 health professionals have been administered with the first dose. In Castellón, some 2,800 people have been vaccinated.

These facilities have also offered flu vaccinations and more than 2,450 health professionals have received the jab in Alicante, and some 1,500 people in Castellón.

The three field hospitals have made it possible to increase the hospital care capacity and alleviate the care pressure during the high peaks of the pandemic, turning them into healthcare spaces with the equipment to respond to the healthcare demands required.

Information Source
Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana

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