Valencian government will look at legal implications of Marina Salud agreement

Although the regional health department has not seen any official documentation, it has notified the National Market and Competition Commission.

Regional Health Secretary Ana Barceló. Photo Source: Generalitat Valenciana

Monday 30th August 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The regional health secretary, Ana Barceló, has announced that her department will be requesting a report from the Generalitat Lawyer’s Office to determine the legal and regulatory scope of the sale of DKV shares in Marina Salud – the concession that runs the health department in the Marina Alta – to Ribera Salud, a deal that would result in the latter becoming the sole shareholder.

Although Barceló appreciated the corporate side of the concession, she said that the agreement between the two partners of Marina Salud violated the Comunidad Valenciana’s Health Law which establishes that freedom of competition must be guaranteed and that positions of dominance should be avoided.

She explained that her department has notified the National Market and Competition Commission (CMNV) of this apparent violation before it issues a report since Ribera Salud already controls the public health department of Elx-Crevillent and Torrevieja until the concession expires on October 15th.

Barceló confirmed that having not received any official documentation on the sale of DKV shares to Ribera Salud, her department cannot do anything more beyond notifying the CMNV and will have to wait for the agreement to be registered before formally request a report on the legal implications from the Generalitat Lawyer’s Office.

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