Valencia will use SMS to notify people of the results of coronavirus tests

The measure affects the tests (PCR and antigens) performed in Primary Care and centralized sampling points and will speed up the communication of the results.

Friday 7th January 2022 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

From today, the regional health ministry in the Comunidad Valenciana will start notifying people of their results of coronavirus diagnostic tests (both PCR and antigen testing) performed in Primary Care and centralized sampling points by SMS in order to shorten response times.

Along with information on whether the test is positive or negative, a link will be attached to an e-mail address on the website of the Ministry of Health ( with instructions on the updated protocol of the National Health System Strategy on the measures to be taken by both infected people and their close contacts. In addition, clicking on the link indicated in the SMS will access detailed information on how to properly perform home insulation.

In the event of a positive result, the patient should be isolated immediately and remain so for at least seven days from the onset of symptoms. In addition, they will be contacted by their primary care physician. In addition, up to ten days after the onset of symptoms or the date of diagnosis, the infected person should strictly limit their social relationships and always wear a face mask.

During isolation, the infected person will be actively monitored from the health centre if deemed necessary if they are 70 years of age or older, if they are immunosuppressed, if she is pregnant or if they have not been immunized (because they have a valid excuse). In any case, if the sick person notices a worsening of their condition, they should contact their health centre by telephone, call 900 300 555 or, in severe cases, call 112.

At the end of the isolation period, they will be considered discharged from the clinic and can return to work or otherwise unless the health care professional who cares for them indicates otherwise.

When should close contacts quarantine?

The instructions contained in the text message also state that, as indicated in the new national strategy, the infected person must inform their close contacts that they have COVID.

If any close contact is not fully vaccinated or immunocompromised, they must enter quarantine. Those close contacts who are vaccinated with the full guideline are exempt from quarantine, but they do have to limit social interactions (especially with vulnerable populations) and always wear a mask.

Close contacts, as established in the latest update of the National Strategy, will be tested by PCR or antigen test if they belong to particularly sensitive groups (people with immunosuppression, over 70s or pregnant women), are professionals or relatives who care for that vulnerable population, or if they are health or social workers.

In any case, the person considered close contact should be be aware of the symptoms of COVID infections and, if they demonstrate them, call 900 300 555.

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