Valencia opens up Xàbia’s Town Planning Regulations for public scrutiny

The period for consultation is 20 workings days from the day following the publication in the DOGV.

Tuesday 6th April 2021 | XÀBIA AL DÍA; translation MIKE SMITH

The General Directorate of Town Planning at the Generalitat Valenciana has published an announcement in the Official Gazette of the Comunidad Valenciana in which it has declared open the period of public consultation of the Xàbia’s Provisional Town Planning Regulations.

The period for consultation is 20 workings days from the day following the publication of the announcement in the DOGV (April 6th, 2021).

These regulations will allow the town planning in Xàbia to continue operating in those areas where there has been a planning suspension, approved by the regional government a few weeks ago after a request to do so was issued by Xàbia Council in November 2019.

In particular, this temporary arrangement refers to “the building and existing uses on lands affected by the newly created Primary Structural Network and its area of influence, provided for in the general structural plan in process, the regulations for which are provided in Article 192.3 of Ley 5/2014 of July 25th 2014, referring to the planning of the territory, town planning and landscape, for the buildings and uses in a situation not covered by byelaw“.

It includes several issues that affect homes which are to be built in these areas, which will be required to respect “Mediterranean typologies”. In addition, “Isolated single-family homes should have a minimum surface area of 50% constructed with a sloping Arabic tile roof, and the maximum number of floors visible in the orthogonal projection on the ground will be two (ground floor + first floor).”

They also include aspects such as cornices, watertight septic tanks, a requirement to plant a tree for every 50 metres of plot … amongst many others.

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