Valencia launches online patient information service

With a single click you can access services that will avoid travel and waiting

PHOTO CREDIT: Generalitat Valenciana

Friday 26th March 2021 | PRESS RELEASE; translated MIKE SMITH

The regional health ministry has launched an online patient information service on its website – Portal del Paciente – which contains the most consulted sections on a single page as well as information about patient status with the health system and even a record of past consultations.

The facility offers a much more visible and accessible experience, a single click can access information and services online which can avoid unnecessary travel and waiting.

The portal will allow people to access different sections such as consult a medical appointment at the health centre, update and renew SIP card details, view and update contact information, view and download personal medical history (with the use of CL@VE or a digital certificate), and, for the first time, pending appointment can be consulted, not only with Primary Care but also with each specialist.

There is also a section for online video consultations, a temporary solution that the regional health ministry is implementing to improve communication with the patient, since face-to-face consultations have been reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Llanos Cuenca, the director-general of Planning, Technological Efficiency and Patient Care, stressed that “we continue working to simplify the procedures that citizens carry out with those issues related to their health, while we bring them closer … by eliminating all kinds of barriers, even those that come to us due to circumstances such as the pandemic“, adding that “having at a click what citizens demand the most through our website is also humanizing our health system“.

Information Source
Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana