The Valencian government will also be progressively implementing the RadarCOVID APP throughout the region.

Ximo Puig, president of the Generalitat Valenciana, has confirmed that the restrictive measures implemented in the Comunidad Valenciana three weeks ago to try and halt the rise in COVID-19 infections will be extended for another 21 days to the week beginning September 28th.

The president held a meeting with Ana Barceló (Health) this morning to evaluate the situation in the region and, although he insists that the latest data suggests that the pandemic is stabilizing, it was decided that the guard cannot be lowered just yet and the decision to extend the restrictions on nightlife and capacity for another three weeks was taken.

Restrictive Measures

The extension will mean that measures approved on August 17 which forced all nightlife venues in the Comunidad Valenciana, such as discos, late night cocktail bars, karaoke bars and dance halls, to close their doors will be maintained for another 21 days.

Likewise, all hotels, restaurants, bars and beach bars will be obliged to ensure that a 1.5 metre safety distance be maintained betwen tables or groups of table and this distance must be measured between the people closest to the different tables or groups (which must not exceed 10 people).

Bars and restaurants must close no later than 1.00am and ensure that food and drink is not consumed beyond the limited area of the terrace. In addition, the consumption of drink on the street or in public spaces by groups of people is prohibited.

The extension now also applies to gambling casinos, bingo halls, game rooms, arcades and specific betting establishments which must now close at 1.00am and new clients cannot enter the premises after midnight. These measures apply every day, including festive days.

In addition, the recommendation to limit family or social gatherings in private spaces to a maximum of 10 people is maintained. Events and activities that expect to exceed 400 people can continue but are subject to prior authorisation of the General Directorate of Public Health and Addictions.

The prohibition of smoking in the public highway and in any outdoor space continues to apply when a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 2 metres cannot be maintained. This limitation applies to any inhalation device for tobacco, water pipes, hookahs or similar, including electronic cigarettes and vaping.

PCR tests will be carried out on all new admissions and re-admissions to residences and social health centres. In addition, visits will continue to be limited to one person per resident with a maximum duration of one hour a day with the exception of those people who are in the final days of a terminal condition.


The president also announced that the Valencian government will be signing an agreement with the Ministry of Health for the progressive implementation of the RadarCOVID APP throughout the Comunidad Valenciana, a facility which has been promoted by the Spanish government and is available to be downloaded now by Android and iOS mobile phones.

He explained that the Generalitat has never rejected the idea of the application but admitted that there were doubts about its effectiveness when it comes to detecting and therefore tracing the origin of cases.

Thus, the president has sought to find the most efficient formula for the insertion of the APP in the tracking network that the Comunidad Valenciana has already implemented and has admitted that “some technical problems” may occur as the facility is rolled out across the region. But he accepted that it can help combat the spread of infection.

SOURCE: Press Release – Generalitat Valenciana

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