Unemployment in Xàbia climbed to 1,253 in October

The rise reflects the gradual increase in job seekers since the end of the summer season.

Monday 28th November 2022 · Mike Smith
Source: XAD Álvaro Monfort

Unemployment in Xàbia climbed 85 to 1,253 in October, an increase that is not entirely unexpected when autumn arrives on the Costa Blanca, marking a definitive end to the main holiday season. During the month 713 women were registered as unemployed, up 54 on September, whilst 540 men were without a job, an increase of 31 on the previous month.

For both men and women, the most affected age group was the over 45s (414 women, 318 men) whilst the 25-44 age group registered 266 women and 178 men unemployed. Those under the age of 25 saw 44 men looking for work and 33 women seeking employment.

Br sector, Services saw the largest number of unemployed during October with 980 people seeking employment, 84 more than September and 15 more than August, figures that clearly demonstrate the gradual increase in unemployment after the summer season. Construction remained unchanged with 145 seeking work whilst those registered in the Industry sector dropped two to 55 people looking for a job. The Agriculture and Fishing sector dropped one to 11 unemployed whilst 62 people registered as unemployed for the first time during October.

During last month, 458 new contracts were signed, a decrease of 144 compared to September, of which 301 were permanent contracts, 123 temporary contracts and 34 changed status from temporary to permanent.

With Christmas just around the corner, it is hoped that a strong festive campaign will provide a few more seasonal positions although there are fears that a more austere Christmas might be on the cards due to the current global cost of living crisis.

Original Article: El paro en Xàbia se sitúa en 1.253 personas sin empleo durante el mes de octubre