Ukraine aid collected by Rotary Club Jávea is despatched to Poland

Amongst the humanitarian aid is 45 pallets of medical aid and 70 pallets of clothing.

Tuesday 8th March 2022 – Mike Smith
Source: original article – Carlos López (Xàbia AL DÍA)

The humanitarian aid collected by the residents of Xàbia and other neighbouring towns to support the displaced people of Ukraine, forced to flee their country after the Russian invasion of their country, is already on its way to the border between Poland and Ukraine.

During Monday, members from the Rotary Club Jávea, joining together with staff from Rolser and a good number of volunteers, finished processing and packaging all the material donated by the residents of Xàbia, Pedreguer and other town in the region and loading it onto lorries provided by Alicante-based transport company Trans Castillo.

A total of 45 pallets of medicines, medical supplies and non-perishable food have been loaded onto the lorry, which will depart in convoy with seven other lorries from the company’s headquarters in Benejúzar, located some 45 kilometres south-west of the provincial capital. The journey to the Polish-Ukrainian border is expected to take about three days.

Another lorry has been filled with 70 pallets of clothing which will head to Alicante from where it will depart for Ukraine in another convoy.

Representatives from Rotary Club Jávea told Xàbia AL DÍA that, after the collection last week, the processing began in a temporary warehouse provided by Relexhomes before the collected items were take to the Rolser warehouse in Pedreguer, where the final packaging was carried out for its safe transfer to the lorry.

They wanted to thank all the residents of Xàbia and the region for their massive support as well as the selfless work of Rolser and the donations of medical supplies made by Clinica Salud Dent.

The Challenge: Care for refugees arriving in Xàbia and the region

The Rotary Club Jávea have also pointed out that the next challenge they will face will be to help and attend to the needs that people and families who arrive in Xàbia and the Marina Alta as refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine, people who will need clothes, medicines and who will have to be supported, since they have left their country with “what they are wearing” and a suitcase.

In addition, this Tuesday, Xàbia Council will convene the social support round table in which all the social entities of the municipality will participate.

How to help now?

You can continue helping with donations to the NGOs that are present in the area and to those entities that develop international foster care programs, such as Juntos por la Vida, a Valencian association that has been developing international foster care projects in the Ukrainian region of Donbas for years,

Money donations can be made to organizations present in the conflict zone. Click on the name of the organisation to learn more.

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