Tosalet owners looking for town planning change to be able to develop old country club

They claim that a dozen investments that would have been “good for Xàbia” have been lost.

Friday 12th November 2021 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

The Club de Campo Tosalet is not what it used to be. Since a fatal fire in the sauna, the space has lost all its charm. Its 32,700 square metres seem more like a forest these days where the vegetation grows freely and it is now far from the space that once hosted the cream of the region.

The undergrowth now covers the four tennis courts, the two swimming pools (one of them Olympic-sized and the other heated), and the area of ​​the old parking lot. There was also a small chapel there, where in summer, Don masses would be celebrated.

It was a space with many possibilities, but according to sources close to the property have explained to XAD that there is no way they can get ahead. So far “we have not been considered” for very interesting tourism projects for Xàbia, including a high performance sports centre and a residence for the elderly. But all of them, they lamented, “have been rejected outright by municipal technicians.”

However, after all these refusals, the property is currently studying the request for a modification to the current general plan for urbanism (the one that dates from 1990 and which has been renewed for more than 15 years) to try to be able to fit the intentions of investors who are interested in the land.

And that is the path proposed by the former councilor for Town Planning, Isabel Bolufer and she explained to the newspaper Levante-EMV, days before leaving office, that she “must present a modification of the general plan.” Bolufer insisted that the uses it has “are for hospitality and sports” and that “it could open tomorrow.” But she noted that the General Plan does not allow residential use.

Meanwhile, in the old country club, you can still hear the bounce of tennis balls on the courts, or the echo of the glamorous parties that were hosted in the dining rooms of the restaurant during the summer and the chapels bells that that beckoned the devoted on Sunday.