Thiviers residents learn more about projects planned in the neighborhood

Mayor José Chulvi expressed the Council’s commitment to the town’s neighbourhood associations.

Wednesday 12th May 2021 – PRESS RELEASE with Mike Smith

Xàbia Council held a meeting on Tuesday evening with residents of the Thiviers neighbourhood to explain more about the projects planned for the area as well as listen to their demands and concerns.

Those who attended were able to learn more about the comprehensive reform of Parque Reina Sofia as well as the expansion of CEIP Trenc d’Alba, both of which are in the contracting phase and which will mean a significant improvement in infrastructure for children.

Details were also advanced of the Municipal Nursery project that is currently being drafted by the Council, a space that will be built next to the school and will become a valuable resource for families with babies.

Councillor Montse Villaverse (Education) explained that – parallel to the drafting of the project – the official accreditation of the centre is being processed by the regional education ministry, offering free places for 2-3 year age group and subsidized places for the 1-2 year age group. La Escoleta will have two classrooms of 20 places for 2-3 years, another two of 15 places for 1-2 years, as well as a classroom for babies with a capacity for eight which is not currently offered in Xàbia.

The meeting also reviewed the urban improvement work that has been carried out in the Thiviers neighbourhood in recent months, including the expansion of the rainwater drainage network, the painting of road markings, the replacement of street lighting, the pruning and action related to mobility, such as the lowering of pavements and more accessible pedestrian crossings. In addition, there has been the renovation of pavements in Avenida Juan Carlos I and the proposal to create a new roundabout at the junction of the same avenue with Carretera del Pla, currently in the process of expropriation.

Mayor José Chulvi expressed the Council’s commitment to the town’s neighbourhood and the municipal interest in promoting neighbourhood associations in order to have an official channel through which to communicate on consult on issues affecting the area, who responsible councillor is Alberto Tur.

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