This week’s news in Spanish from Xàbia AL DIA

The five most read articles in Spanish on Xàbia AL DIA (24-01-2021 to 30-01-2021)

Sunday 31st January 2021 | MIKE SMITH

Thanks to our special collaboration with the team at Xàbia AL DIA, every Sunday we’ll be listing the top five articles on their website from the previous seven days, written in Spanish so you can read the original – and maybe even practice for language reading skills!

Click on the links below to read the full versions on Xàbia AL DIA:

  1. La Policía de Xàbia desmantela un encuentro de más de 25 personas en un terreno privado
  2. La hostelería de Xàbia sale a la calle en una caravana reivindicativa
  3. 200 coches de empresarios de la hostelería de Xàbia reclaman un plan de rescate a las administraciones
  4. Sanitat notifica 9 brotes en la Marina Alta con 61 personas afectada
  5. El refugio que resultó ser un almacén de torpedos y que nunca se utilizó durante la Guerra Civil

Don’t forget, thanks to the collaboration between and Xàbia AL DIA, we’ll be providing more news than ever in English for our community in Xàbia.

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