The Xàbia Quintàs take over the streets for an emotional day of reunion

The town was filled with fun, colour and music as the quintos came together for one special annual moment.

On Saturday 15th June, one of the most anticipated dates of the Fogueres de Sant Joan de Xàbia took place, a day of reunion, joy and music as the different quintàs gathered together for the annual Día de les Quintades.

The quintà has formed an essential part of the festivities for more than 40 years, a group of people who were brought together during the year they turned 18 to organise the fiesta and become its main protagonists. This special day they come back together, often for the first time in a year, and some even flying home from abroad, eager not to miss this very emotional day.

In 2024, it is the turn of the young people of Quintà A Cabassaes to lead the way but this special day also featured representatives of groups stretching back to the 1960s, including Quintà 1986 Els Desculats, Quintà 1991 La Casalla Fa Rialla and Quintà 1999 Mosta Festa i Poc Trellat, the group that was responsible for organising the 50th edition of the festivities at the turn of the century.

As always, the day began early with a noise despertà through the streets of the historic centre, the thunderous cracks of the bangers reminding everyone of this special day. And then came coffee and brunch with the groups filling the table of every available bar and restaurant in the historic centre, accompanied by the ubiquitous xaranga or batucada groups which gave the heart of Xàbia a lively feel early on Saturday morning.

At midday they slowly made their way down to the bull arena, accompanied as always by music. This year, the Comisón de Fogueres had decided not to organise the traditional parade for the first time for some years but the quintos were not going to let that ruin their enjoyment and many of them carried out their own impromptu processions through the narrow streets. Occasionally, bemused visitors to the historic centre were obliged to stand aside and watch with amusement as the groups danced their way past them.

At the famous baret, the drinks flowed freely and plenty of shots were shared as old friends embraced each other, gave each other warm hugs, linked their arms and danced to the famous fiesta tunes, all the time trying to take shade from the fierce early summer sun.

And then they wandered back up the hill towards the bars and restaurants for a special lunch together. Visitors to the town would have found finding somewhere to eat difficult on this day for the groups have often reserved their tables months in advance, such is the special occasion.

After lunch, several impromptu parties with popular DJs broke out across the town, such as Plaça del Baix and Placeta del Convent, whilst some football fans drifted off to find a screen showing Spain’s opening match against Croatia; the Spanish win would give the day an extra buzz.

As the sun dipped towards the horizon, the day was not yet over as the live music was provided by Monaco Party in the Plaza de la Constitución before SOS Animation provided the music to dance to well into the early hours.

Click below for the full programme in English and see our guide HERE to see how you can get involved.