The Valencian vaccination teams receive High Distinction award from the regional government

The Comundidad Valenciana is above average in the main vaccination indicators in Spain, which is ranked first in the world for its immunisation campaign.

Thursday 7th October 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The regional government of the Comunidad Valenciana has awarded the ‘Generalitat Valenciana High Distinction October 9 Award’ to the vaccination teams who worked to administer the vaccine against COVID-19 to the region’s population throughout the region.

The vice-president and spokesperson for the regional government, Mónica Oltra, explained that the award is a recognition “for all those people who, through their magnificent work, have made it possible for Valencians to be vaccinated against this virus that has driven us to our wit’s end”.

She added that the management of the vaccination campaign has been a success for Valencian society and for health professionals, highlighting the task that was carried out in the 133 mass vaccination centres that were created throughout the Valencian region to immunize the population.

She said that “during the seventh months in which these centres have been operating, almost three million people have been vaccinated and a total of 5,328,960 doses have been administered, which represented 71% of all the doses administered in the entire Comunidad Valenciana, which currently totals some 7.5 million.

These figures place the Valencian region above average in the main vaccination indicators in Spain, a country which is ranked first in the world with 87.6% of the target population already fully vaccinated and 90.1% having received at least once dose of the vaccine.

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