The rains put the new Arenal rainwater outlet to the test

In black, the new mechanism that prevents the entry of seawater into the drain. PHOTO CREDIT: Xàbia AL DÍA

Friday 19th March 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ, translated by MIKE SMITH

Thursday’s rains have tested the new mechanism for discharging the rainwater collected by the drains in Avenida de la Libertad into the sea.

This mechanism consists of a large gate, which is opened by the pressure of the rainwater flowing from these drains but closes when under pressure from the sea. The system was installed after the repair works on the Paseo del Arenal after Storm Gloria in January 2020.

A wave breaks against the mechanism located at the end of the drainage system on the Arenal beach. PHOTO CREDIT: Xàbia AL DÍA

As happens every time more than four drops of rain falls, Avenida de la Libertad was flooded for a few hours before the pumps were able to drain all the accumulated water and discharge it into the sea.

Some points, such as Avinguda de Tamarits and Carrer Niza, still had to be closed to traffic due to the accumulation of water, due to the fact that they are at a lower level which makes drainage more complicated.

Data collected by the MeteoXàbia weather station at the Arenal beach showed that some 56.2mm of rain fell in the area. (Data collected from other stations across Xàbia can be found below).

Throughout the morning, a team from the stormwater maintenance contract has been monitoring the water outlet. The system appears to have worked as expected.

In addition, at the intersection of Avenida de la Libertad with Avenida de Tamarits, a somewhat rudimentary installation also made it possible to control the large pipe that runs under the road and collects all the water that ends up in the Saladar.

The area next to the miniature golf on Avenida de Tamarits where the water that comes down from the Saladar accumulates. PHOTO CREDIT: Xàbia AL DÍA

Oblivious to the rain and the sea storm, the operators of the heavy machinery contract worked on the beach in order to prepare it for the season, taking out the accumulated sand next to the wall and distributing it throughout the rest of the beach.

RAINFALL DATA – Thursday 18th March

67.1mm – Pinosol
56.4mm – Granadella Alto
56.2mm – Playa del Arenal
53.4mm – Port
51.0mm – Barranqueres
50.0mm – Montgó
49.6mm – Pueblo(Freginal)
49.4mm – Pueblo (Xàbia Històrica)
40.6mm – Club de Golf Jávea

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