The new version of GVA+Salut allows requests extension of treatment via mobile phone

The update offers more options in the administration to reduce the red tape in the operation of health centres

Monday 27th March 2023
Mike Smith

The Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health has made a series of improvements to its GVA +Salut mobile application, including fingerprint and facial recognition as well as improvements to appointment requests.

The new version of the APP – Version 7 – now allows the patient using their mobile phone to indicate the reason for making the appointment, such as extending a prescription treatment, order a health report, change the doctor, change the details of the SIP card, request proof of attendance and order a medical transport resource. With this update, the ministry aims to optimise the demand, making access by the patient easier as well as the provision of professionals.

In addition, the update now makes it possible to associate the established access PIN with the user’s fingerprint or face to make access faster and more secure. If the mobile device does not have a biometric unlocking method or the app was already installed, the association between the PIN and the fingerprint and/or face can be done later from the “Configuración” option of the application.

Another improvement that the GVA+Salut update incorporates is the possibility of consulting the Electronic Health Record from the mobile if the person identifies with the Cl@ve method or the Digital Certificate. Until now, this service was only accessible from the website of the Department of Universal Health and Public Health.

In the section of the mobile application dedicated to pharmacological treatments, the person can now view their history of dispensing, even if they do not have any active treatment, that is, they can check which drugs they collected from the pharmacy, in which pharmacy and when. This functionality, in the previous version, was only available to those with current prescriptions.

Finally, the new application facilitates the change of user: until now two clicks were necessary to go from one to the other; with the new version it is enough to click once to select the avatar of the user that you want to use from among those that have been added .

The updates, however, do not end with these improvements. The General Directorate of Planning, Technological Efficiency and Patient Care continues with the new developments and a pilot test is now being carried out through video consultation from the mobile device.

The GVA +Salut APP was launched in 2017 and, since then, it has been regularly updated with new functions. In this sense, 2020 marked a milestone since the introduction of more highly useful services for citizens made the number of downloads take off decisively.

The latest reports record a total of 2,915,329 downloads of the official application of the Ministry of Universal Health and Public Health GVA+Salut, for different operating systems. Most of the downloads are made from the Android system (1,862,315), followed by iOS (869,942) and Huawei (183,072).

New features of version 7 of the GVA +Salut mobile application:

  • Administration Desk:
    – change card data
    – medical change
    – Appointment · Cancel
    – Appointment · Change
    – Appointment · Request
    – Pharmacy · Extension of Treatment
    – Printed · School Health Report
    – Printed · Medical Health Report
    – Forms · Proof of attendance
    – Forms · Request for medical transport
    – Others
  • Biometric security:
    – Fingerprint
    – Facial Recognition
  • Electronic Health Record with Digital Certificate or Cl@ve
  • Quick user switch
  • Video consultation (in testing phase)