The Loreto Fiesta Commission presents its annual recognition to parish priest Don Francisco and the elderly

The special awards formed part of the final day of these symbolic acts which mark the 125th anniversary of the fiesta.

Wednesday 8th September 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

This Wednesday, the Fiesta Commission Mare de Déu de Loreto celebrated the mass in honour of the venerated image of Loreto, an act in which it has been traditional to grant recognitions and in this very special year, the tribute has gone to the parish priest Don Francisco Murillo and to the elderly.

After this religious celebrations, president of the Fiesta Commission, Vicent Gavila, announced the award of the recognition to Don Francisco, the parish priest who arrived in Xàbia less than a year ago and has “continued the tradition of entrusting the Mare de Déu de Loreto to our captains in faith”, adding that he has asked that the Virgin “intercede for you, protect you, and guide you in navigating this great parish”. The medal of the Commission was presented to Don Francisco, who was already exercising his ministry with the former parish priest Don Fernando, and who is a faithful devotee fo the Virgin “so that, whether here or in Brazil, our patrons always accompany you wherever the Lord requires you”.

With regards to the elderly, the Fiesta Commission highlighted the recognition is a way of “making them worthy of our affection and public recognition. Their faith, devotion and affection for our patron were confirmed in the celebration of the offering on Monday and their ability to cope with the onslaught of this health situation with perseverance and hope that is an example for us to follow. Thank you for being the mirror of constant improvement in which we must reflect”.

The mass in honour of the port patron – Mare de Déu de Loreto – brought an end to the atypical celebrations that have been celebrated this year, the 125th anniversary of the fiesta. In the morning, there was the tradition ‘despertá’ with gunpowder and music to welcome in this special day, a local holiday for Xàbia as well as a loud ‘mascletà’ after the mass which filled the port zone with deafening thunder.

On Monday, a very special offering was held. The image of the Virgin was placed outside the church and the various peñas and devoted residents were able to offer their flowers.

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