The company Route Point will be in charge of installing of the buoys of Xàbia

The company will be deploring mooring buoys to deter anchoring on the fragile seabed amongst other tasks.

Monday 7th June 2021 – XÀBIA AL DÍA with Mike Smith

The governing board of the Xàbia Council has awarded the new coastal beaconing plan to the company Route Point S.L for the next four years at a price of 683,655.87 euros per year. It so happens that this was the company that was already providing the service and will be in charge once again of marking off the beaches, coves and sea caves of the coast with buoys following the guidelines of the local government.

The plan, municipal sources have reported, establishes the mooring points for boats in highly frequented areas to avoid anchoring on the seabed; from the areas where historically the greatest pressure has been registered, such as the Cala Blanca, Cala Sardinera and l’Escull de Sant Antoni as well as those where the number of visitors has grown in recent years, such as the Cala En Caló, areas where the new contract does not provide for an increase in available buoys.

The sea caves of Llop Marí and Els Órguens in the headland of Cap de la Nau as well as Xiulador in the area of Cap de Sant Antonio will be marked off as well as the popular bathing area of La Grava, Montañar I and II, and L’Arenal and the coves of Cala Blanca, Cala Sardinera, Barraca, Ambolo and la Granadella. In addition, diving spots for divers with the strengthened next to islands, islets, caves and headlands.

Protection is also extended in the surroundings of the Illa del Portitxol, navigation across the “Freu del Portitxol” (the channel between the island and the Barraca cove) controlled, both for safety (the area it is narrow and shallow, in addition to being 200 meters from the bathing area) so as to preserve the area of ​​archaeological interest of the “route of the anchorages” and the environmental values ​​of the place.

One of the main new additions to the contract is the incorporation of a light boat surveillance service (from June 15 to September 15) so that the signs are respected and avoid anchoring on the oceanic posidonia meadows.