The collective “Jávea te quiero limpia” continues to clean up the municipality

Volunteers collected seven bags of rubbish for the short path from La Caleta to Les Caletes.

Thursday 20th May 2021 – ÁLVARO MONFORT with Mike Smith

The altruistic work of the volunteers of the local collective “Jávea te quiero limpia!” doesn’t stop. This month hjas been especially intense for its members who have already helped to keep two different areas of the municipality in a clean condition after investing a couple of days of their free time in the collection of rubbish.

The last of these actions took place on Tuesday 18th. Four volunteers walked the winding path that leads from La Caleta to the viewpoint of Les Caletes, a route that has become more popular during the pandemic for its beauty and easy access. However, it has also become a source of waste whose cleaning is not easy when running along a cliff and lined with shrubs and pines. On this occasion, the members of “Jávea te quiero limpia!” collected seven bags of cans, glass and water bottles, plastics, cigarette butts, two hats and a considerable amount of toilet paper.

Also, at the beginning of the month, a new group of volunteers carried out the meticulous cleaning in the passageway of Calle Genova where it joins with the Arenal. This is the third time they have intervened this area because, as they have explained on their social networks, the paved areas are in better condition than before, but not the nooks and crannies. A corner full of rubbish resulted in five garbage bags that could have been more if the volunteers had had the means to remove debris that someone thought was more appropriate to throw in there than in the proper place.

The participants have regretted the poor condition of this passageway because, as they suggest, “it could be a garden area” since the tosca stone, a sign of identity typical of Xàbia, is prolific in the area. “It could be improved by including appropriate plants and keeping it clean of garbage.” Similarly, they have shown their displeasure because they should not be allowed to volunteer to act on the road, as it is not an isolated area of ​​the municipality, residents access their garages at that point, and it is the entrance to a hotel and it is still a municipal responsibility.

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