TETMA announces new 600 square metre headquarters, 3 mobile ecoparks and more than 70 workers

The specific details of the contract have yet to be made public by the council and this information has been derived from a company statement.

Monday 7th February 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

TETMA has been providing the rubbish collection and street cleaning service in Xàbia for the past week after being awarded the contract worth almost 6 million euros a year. And, although the specific details of the contract has not yet been made public by the local council, the company itself has revealed some of them in a press release issued only to the economic sector in the city of Valencia.

The company has posted a statement on its website in which it has announced that they have assumed the municipal contract in Xàbia and some of the new features that it will progressively implement that, it claims, will mean a total improvement of the service in terms of waste collection and cleaning. For example, all the vehicles and cleaning machinery will be renewed as well as the service-related infrastructure – for example, the collection bins – whilst it will be caring for the environment since 50% of the vehicle fleet and 100% of the machinery will be electric-powered.

TETMA has also announced the construction of a 600 square metre building on a 5,000 square metre plot that will be used as a warehouse, parking for the vehicle fleet and a vehicle workshop. It will also have offices, changing rooms and a training room. (The contract specifications also oblige the company to set up three small bases, one for each of the urban centres in the town.)

The service will be provided by a team of more than 70 people who will carry out daily street cleaning services in the morning and in the afternoon, rubbish collection at night, and an eco-park that will open every day to facilitate waste separation tasks.

Individual cards to access the ecopark and Punts Verds

Each resident will be issued with a personal card with which the company intends to control and record the amount and type of waste that is taken to the ecoparque. These cards must also be used to access the 21 punts verds (green zone rubbish collection points) that will be closed and will have restricted access in a measure to try to avoid antisocial actions.

TETMA will also be renewing all the containers, litter bins as well as all the underground containers. The department of Services, led by councillor Kika Mata, has already drawn up a schedule for their replacement of the latter infrastructure since they are the positions will generate the most problems and complaints as most of them don’t work.

It must also work on the implementation of the so-called “fifth fraction”, which will force a little more recycling by residents to separate purely organic waste.

Drones and a boat to access the coves

For the maintenance and cleaning service of the beaches, TETMA has announced that it will be reaching all the beaches and coves along the coast of Xàbia, providing a year-round service which will be reinforced during the summer. A boat will be used to reach beaches that are more difficult access whilst the company will be using a 100% electric quad, a tractor and a beach-cleaning machine to ensure that they are always in the best condition.

In addition, the company will be using drones to check the state of cleanliness of the coves and beaches and help determine access on foot or by boat, according to the amount and type of waste. This service will be provided by a drone operator company authorised by AESSA. They will also be used as aerial support in the cleaning of fiestas that take place on the beaches, defined in the cleaning services at fiestas and events.

Note: XAD, upon seeing this news published in various economic media in Valencia, asked the company for information about the news it offered and is unknown in Xàbia and it sent us “to the Department of Services of Xàbia Council”.

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