Temperatures reach over 27°c on an unusual winter day in Xàbia

Many residents took to the beach to sunbathe and walk along the sea shore.

Thursday 28th January 2021 | CARLOS LÓPEZ (Xàbia AL DIA)

The thermometer reached over 27°c in at least four weather stations maintained and monitored by MeteoXàbia on Thursday, temperatures that are way higher than expected for this time of year.

On the Arenal beach, many residents took the opportunity to sunbathe, others choosing to have a picnic, whilst some even dared to put on their swimsuits and walk along the edge of the sea.

These are the maximum temperatures that were recorded on Thursday in Xàbia:

  • 27.6°c – Freginal AEMET
  • 27.6°c – Partida Julians
  • 26.8°c – Montgó-Castellans
  • 26.8°c – Les Valls
  • 26.6°c – Fontanella
  • 26.4°c – Montgó – Toscamar
  • 26.3°c – Platja de l’Arenal
  • 26.2°c – Freginal
  • 25.9°c – Barranqueres
  • 25.9°c – Tossals-Carrasquetes
  • 25.8°c – Port
  • 25.8°c – Xàbia Històrica

According to the forecast of the state meteorological agency AEMET, the abnormal high temperatures for this month, and the fruit of the effects of climate change, will continue.