Subdued Halloween in store after police warning

The police have reminded bars and restaurants that Halloween-themed parties are not permitted during the current health situation.

Unsurprisingly, Halloween will be a subdued affair this year as the health crisis continues unabated. Throughout this week, police officers have issued several warnings to bars and restaurants which have been promoting Halloween-themed parties on social media, informing them that these types of events are not authorized in the current situation.

To back up the warnings, there will be more police patrols on the streets over the weekend to monitor both compliance with the special measures linked to the State of Alarm declared by the Spanish government last weekend and to ensure that no parties are held in public or private places.

During this week, the local police have issued 13 fines related to breaches of measures imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the population. Eight fines were dished out to people who were not wearing face masks which is mandatory. A further four fines were handed out for breaching home confinement in the early hours of the morning whilst a single fine was issued for organizing a private party in which the maximum capacity and social distancing measures were not followed.

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