Sophie Mullins claims top spot in her category at Corremón Trail Sot de Chera

The former British 100,000 metre champion finished the 24 kilometre race in just over 2 hours 36 minutes.

Thursday 3rd February 2022 – CARLOS LÓPEZ with Mike Smith

Sophie Mullins, a sole representative from Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia, claimed first place in her category in the Corremón Trail Sot de Chera last weekend, a popular mountain race event located some 50km inland from the city of Valenciana that was celebrating in eighth edition.

Sophie, a former British 100,000 metre champion, participated in the Reina event, a 24-kilometre race during which runners enjoyed more than 1,000m of ascent, and finished top in her category (Veterans – Female) with a time of 2:36:39 and 32nd overall in a field of 132, of which 115 managed to reach the finish line.

Members from Club Atletisme Llebeig de Xàbia also participated in the Castell d’Aixa Lliber mountain race, another 24 kilometre course with some 1,300 of total ascent, with the men team’s claiming third place in the team classification.

In addition, a large representation of the Club Atletisme Llebeig participated in the Castell d’Aixa trail in Lliber, in which the men’s team won third place in the team classification. The test was also 24 kilometers and 1,300 meters of positive elevation gain.

The results were as follows:

  • Javi Fernandez – 2h48 (22nd overall and 8th in category)
  • Toni Marquez – 2h57 (30th / 10th)
  • Alex Gayà – 3h14 (56th / 17th)
  • David Donate – 3h44 (29th in his category)
  • Vicky Bolufer – 4h27 (7th in her category)

Meanwhile, in the Sprint discipline:

  • Clara Juan – 41st overall and 6th in the female category
  • José González – 54th overall and 45h in the make category

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