Some 19,500 people filled the streets for another spectacular Nit dels Focs

Ten people were treated for minor burns whilst another three received medical attention for minor issues.

The local police in Xàbia have estimated that between 19,000 and 19,500 people participated in the fire-jumping during another spectacular Nit dels Focs, squeezing into the narrow streets to leap over the six fires that were lit at several points around the perimeter of the historic centre.

In addition, around 7,500 to 7,700 people took part in the correfocs after the fire-jumping, although this number is estimated to have almost doubled when the parade reached the Plaza de la Constitución to more than 13,500. And, despite warning from the Fogueres Commission about limited availability due to the ongoing drought situation, many of them wore the traditional crowns of vidriella which were then flung onto the final bonfire in Ravel del Baix.

According to the local police report, ten people were treated for minor burns whilst another three received medical attention for minor issues.

Security and safety personnel on duty during this unique event included 16 local police officers, five officers from the Guardia Civil, 16 volunteers from the Protección Civil Xàbia plus three fire-fighting units from the same organisation, eight volunteers from ISVH Balcón al Mar, four Cruz Roja first aid responders with ambulances, two ambulances Amigos Europeos with medical personnel, and a fire-fighting team from the Provincial Fire Service.

The Nit dels Focs de Sant Joan de Xàbia was declared a Fiesta of Local Tourist Interest in the Comunidad Valenciana in 2012. Taking place on the night of June 23rd every year, thousands of people flood into the town to join the young people of the quintà, its presidents, queens and ladies-in-waiting, to jump six fires placed at different points around the historic centre, most of them wearing their flower crowns and carrying dried beans.

Organised by the Fogueres Commission with the collaboration of members of Quintà 1999 “Molta Festa i Poc Trellat” which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, each of the bonfires are lit by the main representatives of Quintà 2024 with the first fire, located at Portal del Clot, set ablaze by Fogueres Queen Àngela Tachó.

The final bonfire – La Foguera del Trastos Valls – is located in Raval del Baix and consists of a pile of old junk onto which it is tradition to fling the flower crowns, a symbolic gesture in that the bad times are burned away to be replaced by the good. Once set alight, the members of Quintà 2024 dance around the huge inferno, often calling on the fire service members to spray them with cold water to beat the intense heat.

The final act of this magical night is that of the correfocs, an almost indescribable procession of sparks and fire as mysterious figures light fireworks and suspended lines of firecrackers under which the revellers dance and sing. The spectacular snakes around the perimeter of the historic centre before a stunning finale in the Plaza de la Constitución. The clock had ticked past 2.30am but the party continued towards dawn with a disco in the square.