Students from CEIP Trenc d’Alba presented a series of proposals to the mayor of Xàbia to encourage more use of the bicycle in the municipality.

This morning mayor José Chulvi greeted sixth graders from CEIP Trenc d’Alba who have delivered a proposal to improve sustainable mobility and make it easier to ride bicycles safely in Xàbia.

The schoolchildren have arrived on their bicycles at the door of the town hall in the heart of the historic centre accompanied by officers from the Policía Local following a cycle route which forms part of a cycling project which they have been developing through the centre of town.

Arantxa Sart read the request prepared by the whole class in which they list four requests to the Council: the improvement of the network of bike lanes so that they connect the three nuclei of the town; the creation of a bicycle rental park; the organization of cycle rides to raise awareness of the importance of the use of the bicycle; and the promotion of the tourist guides promoting ecological tourism by use of the bike.

The mayor has met the challenge and promised that the council has to make a better effort to improve cycling routes to connect urban centers and that, as is being done in recent months – for example in the Primer Muntanyar along the coast between the port and the Arenal – will continue promoting mobility from a sustainable point of view.